Bienvenidos El Eco Museo

The Ecomuseum, Faces and Voices of Cobquecura, is a private organization that is investigating, rescuing, registering, protecting what is related to the art, traditions, history and culture of the region.

Promote interest in the protection of the area’s natural and cultural heritage

Ecomuseum, is a non-profit organization and serving the community.

Where objects of local interest are kept, with the environment playing an important role.

Oriented to the identity of the territory, giving value to its traditions, art, folklore, history, etc. With the final interest that there is a growth in the welfare and development of the community.

Part of the house was transformed into a hotel, five rooms with private bathrooms, central heating and breakfast for two people.

Study tours for groups of 10 or more people.

History and legends of the town

Includes welcome snack.

Explore the facades of historic 19th century mansions and some of their gardens.

Nature Sanctuary, sea lions (Otaria flavescens (Shaw, 1800) or Otaria byronia (de Blainville, 1820).

Enjoy local cuisine with lunch, enlivened by a popular singer.

Bobbin class, ceramic or basketry the price is $ .9,000 per person.

Photos and Graphic material

 Photographs – Photographs are allowed for personal or educational, non-commercial use.

To take press photographs or other special photographs, including film or video projects, contact email

Lost objects –  

If you have forgotten something in the Ecomuseum, call 42 197 6186

First aid 

Consult the guide.


Volunteers are friends who help the Ecomuseum in different ways, receiving some benefits.

Anyone can be part of this effort.



Sábados – Domingos y Dias Feriados 10:00 a.m. 16:00 p.m.


Sugerimos una donación mínima de $ 600 publico en general .


Se puede estacionar en la calle Independencia o en Grumete Cortes.

Metas realizadas:

* Restauración en siete meses.

* Proveer trabajo a la comunidad

* Entrenamiento de mujeres.

*Creación un espacio cultural

*Albergue de emergencia post terremoto

*Energía alternativa, iluminación

*Calefacción central

Metas por hacer

* Alianzas con universidades y organizaciones de cultura

* Documentar y filmar tradiciones, canciones, etc.

* Crear “Amigos del Ecomuseo”